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On the 13th November 2018 the TUC issued a report that workers were spending more time commuting than in previous years.

In other words, journey times were slower - this could probably be filed under the heading of  "Telling us what we already know" or "Stating the b******" obvious! 

The national media took up this story and then the BBC decided to feature it in their daily Breakfast programme.

With the whole of the UK to choose from the ever reliable BBC decided to do a live feature from Cardiff - not just any old place in Cardiff but actually the entrance hall to  the city's Central Railway Station.

The camera was carefully placed to show the reporter and his interviewees in a position where you could not see what was on the other side of the  glass entrance doors. Those familiar with the city might know, as I'm sure the reporter did,  that directly outside the railway station was Cardiff's bus station, situated on a site known as Central Square.




Cardiff Bus Station  - Behind the camera - the railway station,  to the right a parade of shops, a multi-storey car park for those who could not commute,  and access to the city's main shopping area,. At the front of the picture, the red brick block contained a popular cafe and public toilets and taxi ranks were either side of the buses. The pyramid like steel structure visible in the background is part of the Principality Stadium (formerly known as the Millennium Stadium) an iconic structure hosting international rugby fixtures, speedway, monster jam, pop concerts and more. Ideally placed only a few steps away from the public transport hub.

The BBC invited an "expert" to give his view on the report and he said that we needed "a more integrated public transport system"

What the BBC did not dare tell you was that just a few steps away the bus station and all the surrounding facilities had been demolished  to make way for  .............................................

............. Wait for it  -  because you seriously could not make this up ...........

the new BBC Cardiff headquarters!


Where are the buses?


Yes, it's true! They demolished the bus station to move the BBC from their site on the outskirts of Cardiff to the very centre of it. Staff must now travel into the city centre on already congested roads and the travelling public can no longer connect seamlessly between train and bus.

To add to the craziness of the situation HMRC are also being moved from their out of town headquarters to a new site adjacent to the BBC.


Meanwhile the capital city of Wales has had no bus station since 2015. Whilst there are "plans" for a new one nothing has actually been built and the projected plans, far from being an advancement of facilities, are for less than half the number of stands (or bays) thaat the old one provided.

Once again our "Public Service Provider" has been rather economical with the truth  in pursuit of following their own agenda, even to the point where they have failed to disclose that they are part of the problem themselves.


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